Peer Workforce Development

This self-paced course, composed of videos and activities, is designed to help individuals best prepare for finding employment and re-entering the workforce. 


These videos will cover a variety of topics, including practical tips on acing your interview and excelling at your new place of employment. It will also touch on the importance of communication and how to adjust your communication skills to fit into a professional setting, as well as maintaining boundaries and professional relationships. The video series will cover cognitive behavioral theory and the importance of reframing your mindset to do your best, personally and professionally. 


This course should take two hours to complete, and will help you understand and develop foundational skills necessary to thrive in your professional life.

Sara · December 22, 2023

A video course developed for individuals re-entering the workforce, both in the recovery fields and outside of them. This course will provide information regarding communicating with potential employers, increasing your chances of scoring and acing a job interview, and how to thrive once you are in your new workplace. By completing this learning pathway you will earn a certificate of completion to help you stand out to employers as a qualified candidate.

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