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A learning pathway developed for Peer Recovery Support Specialists seeking to deepen their understanding and hone their skills in metal health crisis systems in Nevada. This course is perfect for peer recovery support specialists who may want to work in crisis intervention teams or mental health support settings. By completing this learning pathway you will earn a certificate of completion to help you stand out to employers as a PRSS with continued specialization in these key areas.

Sean · February 20, 2023

The purpose for this course is to expand the understanding of Peer Recovery Support Specialists on concepts and best practices for crisis response and mental health systems in Nevada.

The 46-hour peer recovery support specialist training alone does not provide enough education or foundational skills on crisis support and mental health systems in Nevada. It is a good idea to review the information in your PRSS manual regarding providing crisis support before taking this training, as some of that foundational information is not covered in this self-paced course. We developed this learning pathway for Peer Recovery Support Specialists to further develop their skills and understanding in these key areas.

Mental Health Crisis Systems need to be on par with other emergency response systems. Just like firemen respond to a fire, there should be a specialized team of individuals that respond to the millions of Americans that experience mental health crises in the United States. Peer Support Specialists that are trained in crisis response are part of this system of care. This course will also touch on how to support some of our most vulnerable populations, including seniors and transition age young adults. We will also touch on the importance of self-care and boundaries to avoid burnout, compassion fatigue, and secondary trauma.

This course should take approximately 4 hours to complete and you can find a Table of Contents and course structure below. There is a downloadable manual available for you to use. This manual does not have to be sent in or graded, but exists to expand your learning and understanding.

This course includes a manual that will be used to answer reflections and questions. This manual is a PDF with fillable fields allow you to follow along. It was created to enhance your experience and does not need to be sent it to be reviewed or graded. 

Peer Crisis Responders Participant Manual

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